How did looking beyond the apparent transformed Usha Sahoo into an Entrepreneur?

79% of the Indian women never seek work and the number turns more if they are married or have children. It is a big number and multiple factors make women demotivated to work leaving their homes and children. Some successful stories of women are due to the resilience and diligence to balance and work it out. 

However Usha Sahoo the found of YEH CHINA has a different story to tell. After being a stay-at-home mom for 15 years, she decided to restart her career.  Her story only speaks about her determination to look beyond the obvious. 


Who is Usha Sahoo?

Usha Sahoo is the founder of YEH CHINA which started its service of teaching Mandarin Chinese to different categories of people. Hailing from a small village in Odisha and with a humble college degree. She only dreamed to become an owner of an organization without knowing what to do. She started learning the language in 2007 and tapped the learned language into an opportunity in YEH CHINA a service-based organization in 2010. 


What is YEH CHINA?

Usha Sahoo believed learning a language is an important skill for effective communication. YEH CHINA offers services like Kids Chinese, Chinese in school, Retail Chinese, corporate Chinese, and certificate programs to teach Chinese.  

They also have their in-house products like Chinese flashcards and Chinese books for kids. 


YEH CHINA has 7 branches in and around Mumbai. 


What transformed Usha Sahoo into an Entrepreneur?


Usha Sahoo had a comfortable living just like many homemakers and mothers are. However she always had a vision of becoming an entrepreneur, but she prioritized her home and children first till 15 years.


Learning Chinese was her initial calling towards her passion and fondness for the language. She started teaching 2 students at first. Within the first 6 years of her entrepreneurial journey, she mentored many women to start teaching Mandarin Chinese as a freelance career. 


The only difference Usha Sahoo makes here is taking the first step toward change and thinking beyond the obvious. We all assume obvious things works. Like after having kids, they are our pride and priority. However, as mothers, we forget our individuality. In long term, mothers just become a number of the women who never sought work.


Usha Sahoo had clarity about her vision to become an entrepreneur. She believed that becoming an entrepreneur would create more jobs for others and it would indeed benefit the nation too. 


She states that her biggest challenge was to convince her inner self that her credibility is not her status of being unemployed for years. She had to be strong and determined to overcome the fear of being a woman and mother. She had to manage her time to balance home and YEH CHINA. 

She had to understand micro and macro-management. 


The journey to be successful is not easy, it makes to rethink when you leave your comfortable life and become an entrepreneur. 

To become successful you must accept the turbulence and learn to sail through. 


Successful entrepreneurs are those who choose to do difficult things. 


As a mother, USHA SAHOO would only be known for her kid’s or her husband’s achievement. 


However, as an entrepreneur, she would be known for her achievements. 


Many women want to be USHA SAHOO or FALGUNI NAYAR, but you must remember that you must take the first step out of your comfort zone, to begin your success story. 


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