5 core Technological Startups Of India

Technology is in our everyday life, as we recently saw the impact of an actor endorsing a tobacco product imposing as a mouth freshener, the people on social media in no time started criticizing the actor. The actor wrote an apology on his social media for endorsing the wrong product. 

The use and impact of technology are very strong and impact. Today gaining the attention of the potential customer is very difficult until you have innovative ideas to gain their attention and trust.

Every business today to become successful has to go through the use of technology in all the phases of business. 

Be it research, productivity, marketing, or customer service. Technology is part of the business today. 

India recently entered its 100th unicorn and no surprise that is also a new technology of banking. 

It is no surprise that the area of artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Data analytics, and Robotics are the booming markets for startup and entrepreneurship culture

Today @skillz4life is bringing you 5 unique technology startups of India.


  1. HEAPS: Heaps is a global health tech platform that uses advanced data analytics, AI, and Machine learning to revolutionize healthcare delivery and payment models. The startup works closely with hospitals, insurance companies, and patients to build patient care management and support through artificial intelligence and machine learning to build customized care management plans for patients or policyholders. Heaps currently offers post-discharge care management and health compliance risk management in India and USA. The company has raised 550 million USD this January in Series A fund. This health tech startup has offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, and is also present in USA and Singapore.
  2. JIFFY.ai: Jiffy is an intelligent automation platform that empowers business users to adapt to change towards innovating faster.  This platform uses the cognitive capabilities of no-code-based software development, intelligent document processing, NLP, RPA (robotic process automation), ML, and AI along with an overarching human-in-the-loop approach to power the next generation of enterprise applications. This startup currently functioning in the USA and India believes in the power of advancing cognitive applications and automation. They believe in providing end to end automation to accelerate the faster use of technology and innovation. 
  3. DOUBTNUT: DoubtNut is and tech platform using a SaaS platform to solve the hurdles of a students. With the use of AI technologies for image recognition, natural language processing and proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide solutions to students’ queries. They offer 100+ courses including live tuition classes, video lectures and learning materials for students from grade 6th to grade 12th. They also offer courses for banking exams and may national college entrance exams. The company has raised 50million USD till with growth rate of 2.5 million daily users spending 600 million minutes on doubtnut platform. The unique part is the video’s are offered in nine Indian Languages like Hindi, Marathi. Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati.
  4. LOCONOV: It is a full stack fleet software company which is focusing on providing access to fleet technology to the drivers and fleet owners in emerging and high growth markets around the world. Currently LOCONAV has its software used in 50 countries around the world. They aim to achieve operational efficiencies through the use of AI and IoT led innovations. They have raised 37 million USD in series B round of funding. 
  5. RIPPLR: Ripplr is a AI driven distribution startup that offers distribution as a service (DaaS) to brands and is building India’s asset-light and tech-enabled distribution network. They are building both digital and offline end-to-end capabilities that would enable brands from testing their products in the targeted market to scaling distribution from hundreds of large format retail stores to thousands of small stores across geographies. The startup is based in Bangalore  and has a network of 30000+ retail stores including the 10 micro warehouses in six metropolitan cities of India, like Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Hubli and Bengaluru. They raised 15million USD in different rounds of funding. Ripplr announced crossing Rs 500 crore in annual recurring revenue (ARR) to become an organized multi-brand authorized distributor in South India in February. It claims to have grown seven-fold in the last one year and is all set to target Rs 2,000 crore in the next 12 months. 


With these inspiring ideas and the potential of young entrepreneur must have also irked you dreams and goals. We all have ideas in our minds however a compelling plan and extensive execution is what makes a success story. 

India is top in startup generation today, there is no better time than now to start working on your goals. 

We hope that the many different startup started this year achieve all the success and India maintains the status quo of being the Startup capital of India. Thus making the opportunities for employment for many Indians in India. 


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