Zubaida Bai (Ayzh), Biography, Contribution to health sector

A thought leader, health-solutions innovator, Women’s Health Advocate, Ted Speaker, Mechanical Engineer, Global Pioneer for underserved women and girls globally – Zubaida Bai is an inspiration for every woman.

Zubaida Bai’s journey from a sufferer of unhygienic birthing conditions and procedures to an entrepreneur who successfully invented an improved version of the clean birth kit is a motivating story for everyone.

She is the Founder and CEO of Ayzh, a social venture aiming to bring technology solutions and dignity to women’s health worldwide. Zubaida Bai is regarded as an expert in the field of health products for the evolving world. Her organization, Ayzh, plans medical care items for ladies and young women living in poverty. Having aided more than 1,000,000 lives to date, Ayzh has developed into a worldwide business.

Zubaida invented a clean birth kit – JANMA to be distributed by local women to help women understand how and why to use it. Since 2012,  her company has sold more than 4,00,000 kits in 20 countries, touching the lives of more than 500,000 women.She is currently growing her product offering to incorporate packs for infants, post pregnancy and feminine wellbeing.

Zubaida Bai has showcased exceptional leadership and social skills in changing the lives of thousands of women worldwide.In an interview with First Post she said, “The journey pretty much involved following my passion and wanting to give back to the women I’d probably seen struggle all my life, but I hadn’t figured out what and how I’m going to.”

Later Zubaida Bai was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, a TED speaker, a Maternal Health Champion by Ashoka and the United Nations SDG Pioneer by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

Zubaida Bai has magnificent communication skills as she is fluent in eight languages and travels the world looking for new partnership opportunities. She has been invited to speak at high profile events including Women in the World, the United Nations General Assembly, and the World Economic Forum. She has also appeared in Al Jazeera, BBC News, Financial Times, The Economic Times, and CNBC Africa. Zubaida has a Masters of Mechanical Engineering from Dalarna University, an MBA in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise from Colorado State University.

After an effective excursion as a business person, she is now setting up an Investment fund, Innervate Capital to offer growth and expansion to women-led organizations to drive gender-inclusive economic growth and advance Sustainable Development Goals.

Zubaida Bai got the following honors -World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (2013), Echoing Green Fellow (2012), INDIAFRICA prize winner (2012), World Health Care Congress Award (2011), Index Award (2011), Ashoka Maternal Health Champion (2010–2011), Clinton Global Initiative (2010) and TED Fellow (2009).


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