Why Time Management is a Must Skill for Students?

We have already seen what havoc this pandemic has created in education and students.

The limited deadlines assessment make most of the students confused, unclear and inefficient.

But we also have many who used their time effectively to learn and create new things.

Pandemic or not, time is always less for many of us and many of us don’t finish our to-do list every day. For that matter, many people don’t even care to make a to-do list.

In this progressive world, the options for diversion are bound to increase but time is the only factor that is limited in our hands.

The purpose of this article is to make you understand the importance of time management as a student. As many varied achievements, you see in everyday life by youngsters, they have all mentioned one factor in their success articles that is time management.

Successful people don’t give up the regular task and focus on one task. They diversify their time effectively to finish all the important tasks.

Why is time management a must skill?

When we say time management is a skill, you might wonder why it is considered a skill. Managing time is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is not as simple but it can be learnt and practised.

This is the reason it is considered a skill.

Here are the 5 important factors why you must learn time management:

  1. The secret ingredient to success: Time management is just like salt to any food. The success of a food recipe effectively depends on the usage of salt. You can go back in history and up until today to read the success stories of many inspiring people who give due credit to time management for their successful life be it personal or professional. So as a student when you are young and have limited things to do you must build the habit of managing time effectively.
  2. Helps in being Productive: Piling up things up until the last moment makes the work clumsy and less creative. When you are not scared about each passing minute, you can give time to being creative and perfect. For instance, a particular portion of a subject is difficult to tackle, but keeping it unsolved or ignored until the assessment day is not going to make you understand that. Instead of practising every day or asking a friend to help and practising it will make you achieve higher in time of crunch. When you effectively manage the time you can focus on the topics that will yield you good results in future.
  3. Helps in learning new skills: As a student who might graduate very soon or a high school student, learning apart from syllabus and curriculum is crucial today. How much ever you study, interacting with new people or colleagues or cracking an interview requires completely different skills like communication, team building etc. Thus if you plan your time to learn a skill like communication, goal setting, creative writing and many more will make you engage with new people and understand how to involve behavioural attributes according to the need of the situation. But if you struggle to study your regular curriculum then you must reconsider your habits and learn how to manage time
  4. Helps In Better Quality of Adult life: As a student now you have limited responsibilities. As you build your own life the responsibilities are bound to increase. Focus on your physical and mental health. Also giving time to people you love will become an important factor in maintaining a relationship. Thus managing time becomes more and more crucial as you progress in life. Time management plays an important role in a better quality of life as an adult.
  5. Professional Success: You aim to become an entrepreneur or enter a corporate job, you will always have deadlines. Life becomes stressful and you might want to skip your focus on health or family. Ineffective time management creates unnecessary stress and builds up pressure. It also changes our emotional health which shows behavioural success. If you don’t want to succumb to professional pressure then time management becomes a must skill to master before you enter the real world of struggle.

The young professionals who learn effective time management don’t struggle and juggle, instead, they become efficient and resilient.

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As Arnold Bennett said, “Whenever you wake up in the morning, you get 24 hours without doing anything in your purse.  This is the 24 hour that no one can steal from you, nor can anyone snatch it from you and neither can increase it. This is yours, now you use it or not, there is no one to punish you.No one will ask you what you did for 1 day. This is your life, your 24 hours. Either live it or waste these 24 hours.”

Start today, if you are lazy. Being lazy is the human brain’s comfort zone. But the good part about the human brain is that it can be trained accordingly. 

It is our actions that determine our effectiveness.

So start your planning today and have your to-do list for tomorrow ready. You Don’t always have to squeeze in schedules, you can do it with a calm and composed mind if you already have time management skills.

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