Why No One Talks About Resilience To Reach The Goals?

It took ten years for Paytm to get listed On BSE or to get that IPO. what do think Mr. Vijay Shekar Sharma had in mind when he gave up 40% of his One97 for just 8 lakh INR.

It is hard to stick with your goals (if you have one). But today there are many apps like Paytm. Even Google pay was launched after looking at Paytm’s success and client retention.

Is it easy to dream and sit?

Is it easy to work every day without seeing success?

It is hard and what is hard is being resilient.

Mr. Vijay Shekar Sharma is resilient. He believes in his beliefs. He wakes each day and puts an effort to make progress.

He accepts failures, rejections and puts more effort to make it a better version than yesterday.

Many of us have dreams, some start to work and many give up. It is hard to stay and easy to give up.

The missing thing between successful people and us, is we are not as resilient as them. We find it hard to stay and try.

We find it hard to accept rejection.

We find it hard to find alternatives.

We find it hard to take risks.

When we were young we found math hard, some found cycling hard, some never figured out physics.

These people gave up certain parts of life because they felt it was useless or meaningless.

What does ‘being resilient’ mean?

Resilient means finding a purpose or reason to continue when you feel hopeless.

Resilience means self-motivating yourself to keep life on an action-oriented path.

Resilience is a personal strength that shows stability and responsibility.

Resilient means being able to recover from shock, loss, rejection, or traumatic events very quickly.

You must have heard bounce back quickly on many occasions, well in severe cases of depression it is difficult to bounce back but if you are resilient that bouncing back is not hard.

The main reason for depression is lack of resilience and low self-awareness.

We always wonder that how some people bounce back to their routine without any effort even in traumatic situations. It is because they have built up ways to build strong resilience towards the external factors of life.

Life will throw many curved paths but if it breaks us then bouncing back, is difficult.

5 reasons why one should be Resilient:

  • It helps reduce falling to depression and extreme sadness/isolation
  • It helps in creating positive aspects towards future growth and development
  • It is good for physical and emotional health as it builds a happy mind.
  • It shapes the way how a person responds and handle the stressful situations
  • It makes people create an optimistic vision and goals which makes them action-oriented people.

Resilience is required much more in the workplace because it is a place you cannot just snap out or speak your mind abruptly.

Most workplaces define designations to each person and they often tend to have a chain of people through which information is shared.

There might be a chance of a loss of communication or information.

In a work environment, you might face a lot of rejection or correction on daily basis. You must give yourself and your employer the time to match each other manners.

It is difficult for a person whose emotional intelligence is weak and who doesn’t comprehend the ability to be compassionate. These people have low intense pursuit as they can never complete a task.

There are many ways an employer checks resilience during the probation period. Most of them survive for the need of the job or salary associated with the task but many break loose in permanent employment. Many just pass days for the contract to get over with.

How can one be Resilient?

Can you learn to be resilient?

Yes, definitely. It is a skill to learn.

Most of us don’t recognize their fragility and emotional vulnerability until they change five or six jobs.

Today many organizations train their employees on how to be resilient.

An organization has many ups and downs. The demand for the work can go strenuous and many employees might announce their quits.

Resilient employees don’t announce quitting if their goals are aligned with the goal of the company.

Here are Five ways how you can start building resilience:

  1. Stop, Think and Respond: The major problem occurs when we react quickly and immediately. Take a minute to think before replying to any emails or questions. Think twice before clicking that send button. With this one habit, you enhance and grow your mental ability to avoid conflicts.
  2. Self-awareness: When you manage your emotions with acceptance, you naturally tend to build a habit of self-awareness. There might be many situations where you will face criticism and rejection from others. You must remind yourself that what you are capable of and accept the ways you must improve or better yourself.
  3. Goals and Visions: A person with goals and vision is focused and result oriented. Most people with specific goals bounce back as their minds and emotions are aligned with their goals and vision. If you are strongly connected with your goals then no hurdle can make you sad or unproductive. Write down your goals and vision for yourself today.
  4. Adaptability: It is important to fit in a team rather than standing alone in the desert. Being adaptable and flexible makes your life less stressful. When you adapt according to the need of the hour you make visible progress. Learning new things becomes easy and it helps in the growth of your skills. An adaptable person is never disliked or discouraged by anyone.
  5. Positive outlook: Having a positive outlook for all the negative things or situations makes a person less drop out. You quit things as you focus on negative things. When a person sees situational good things they always strive through the bad days.

Today many organizations are finding ways to build a team with resilience to achieve a static goal and work much faster. People with resilience as a skill always work faster because they work with a compassionate vision with the organization.

When you build professional resilience it builds your personal resilience, stronger which helps you manage personal lows and ups.

It is inspiring to see that the largest health care company in Abu Dhabi playing a resilience Board Game to build compassion team engagement. The board game is created to build self-awareness and resilience.

You might love the place you work but you want to reach team goals with a team that matches your resilience.

You might hate the place you work but you do see growth in the near future, you are finding it hard to self-motivate yourself.

You are an aspirational young entrepreneur but you cannot see hope in your ideas.

You are clueless about your strength and don’t find a vision in your life.

You are a graduate who is filled with anxiety and self about how to survive in corporate culture.

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As quoted, “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”- Mary Anne Radmacher, author of Courage Doesn’t Always Roar

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