Why is Eye Contact important in Office Communication?

Eye Contact is an important form of communication. It is the first thing we all do when we meet someone. It speaks a lot about our mental status, at first sight. However, a person’s eye contact is analyzed throughout the communication. 

What is eye contact?

 Eye contact occurs when two people look into each other’s eyes at the same time. It is a form of non-verbal communication. It is defined as a sign of confidence and respect. 

Why is eye Contact important for Communication?

  1. Eye contact is considered the primary form of communication. To initiate eye contact is important to show acceptance to start and end communication. 
  2. Eye contact Provides confidence to share, and express the kind of information the person is comfortable with.
  3. The absence of Eye contact can make the person anxious to communicate ideas or knowledge.
  4. Eye Contact activates a limbic mirror system which helps us evaluate other persons’ impressions and helps us bond with them through guessing their wavelength of imagination.
  5. Eye Contact Helps remember the importance of something is shared with pressing importance through eye contact while communicating.

Different levels of Eye Contact

There are nine different levels of eye Contact

  • No Eye Contact(Intentional)
  • No Eye Contact ( Unintentional)
  • Glance (Conscious)
  • Glance (Unconscious)
  • Glance and Half
  • Double Glance
  • The Gaze
  • The Smile
  • The Eye
  • The Dream Boat
  • The Crazies

Want to read about all of them in detail, click here: https://markmanson.net/the-levels-of-eye-contact#levels-of-eye-contact

Why Establishing Eye Contact Is Important for Office Communication?

  1. Eye contacts Create attraction: Yes, if you want to establish a long-term relationship with your colleague or boss for better teamwork, establishing positive and affirmative eye contact can make them attractive and credible.
  2. Helps in Building Respect: If you want to have a respectable relationship with your team then giving them confidence through effective contact will help you build respect in their mind. 
  3. Effective in Persuasion: If you want to win over a client then eye contact helps you persuade the client in a better way. It will show and earn your words credible importance. Expressing your words through eye contact with effective use of voice tone is a bingo situation to win clients’ hearts.
  4. Displays Honesty: Those who avoid eye contact are doomed to be hiding something. So having eye contact is like analyzing your self consciousness. People assume those who make strong eye contact have clear self consciousness and are honest.
  5. Displays your Self-awareness: The one who self aware about their strengths and weakness are never hesitant to make eye contact. In Fact they rely on non- verbal cues like posture and eye contact to display their confidence and self awareness.
  6. Attract Attention: If you are in a meeting then a direct gaze towards your audience could help you attract 30% of the people’s attention. That is the power of Eye contact in office communication.
  7. A prime skill for high performance: Making eye contact is not easy. Many avoid it. One must be self aware and confident to have eye contact with the audience. However, It is a prime skill if you want to be a high performer in your office.

 Practice and preparation on the subjective topics can make you confident in building Eye contact with your audience.

Maintaining eye contact can make your audience listen to you and if you are in the audience then having eye contact with the speaker makes you an active listener. 

The benefits of having firm and soft eye contact are so many. 

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