Why I love my Gen Z Team?

Anuradha Raman

Co-founder & Trainer, Skillz4life

I was reading an article by New York Times earlier this morning about why many older Millennials and Boomers are afraid or dislike the Gen Z. And I realized that while I have experienced similar incidents, but I do not fear or hate them as the article stated.

At Skillz4life, we work not only in a Cross-functional group, but we have diversity in age as well. It is wonderful when you work with different age groups and get to communicate with different ideas and perspectives about work and activities. Different age-groups will have different outlook on the same topic. How they would manage the same problem is totally different. No one is right or wrong in my opinion. Their experiences are different.

I have accepted rather than tolerated the idiosyncrasies of the entire Generation Z. Whether it is being bold or “vocal” or even rolling their eyes. In fact, I am constantly learning how to communicate with them and experiencing myself as a completely changed individual. They have taught me about new technologies, trends and being with them keeps me updated.

Here are few reasons why I love working with my team:


Even though I am considered millennial, I have experienced “That’s the way things work” all my life. We were brought up in a generation where things literally worked like a production chain. So, we were brought up to accept the realities. We were and, in a way, still bound by past culture, traditions and habits. We are open to change. But this generation is unchained to those thoughts. Their ideas, their perspective are truly unchained.


When you are unchained and not bound by the past you are more creative. Maybe it is due to being constantly on Tik Tok or Instagram they keep getting innovative ideas to create content for Social Media. I look forward to my Digital Marketing Team’s inputs on the content, what is attractive, what is trending, and will our ads get more flow. After all, we are marketing to their age group.


Maybe youth means being highly motivated and spirited, but they are more than my generation. I love brainstorming with my team because they are motivated to achieve their goals. They come up with different ideas. The serious of discussions become fun. Which brings more creative ideas to the forefront.

Being Vocal

Yes, that might appear rude. But I believe it helps me understand what my team members (even interns) want from the organization, and not hiding the true reason for applying for a break. They are vocal about taking a break, taking time off for being with their families and friends. Instead of hiding the reason and then taking a time off anyway they are vocal about it.

Risk-taking appetite

This generation has a huge appetite for risk. There are more start-ups in this generation than in the previous. They are also known as Entrepreneurial Generation with 62 percent of Gen Zers indicating they have started—or intend to start—their own business. Even though we had our parents to fall back on, they are more ambitious in their approach and definitely want to create their own path. Whether it is starting their own business or Youtube channel or being an Influencer, they want to try it all.

We all have to agree each generation will bring their own transformation to the workspace, and like millennials, even they will create new rules. Change has arrived. We have to accept that normal is not what used to be but will keep changing- whether we like it or not.

Anuradha Raman is the Co-founder and Trainer in Skillz4life. She has 10+ years working in research and Capacity Building in urban & human development area. She has varied experience in working along side from Municipal Commissioners, CEOs to Self Help Groups.

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