What made AAS Vidyalaya Grab the highest Bid from Shark Tank?

AAS  Vidyalaya is an anytime and anywhere school. Just like an ATM which provides us the convenience of a cash withdrawal facility. AAS vidyalaya provides children between the class 6- class 10 an anytime anywhere education facility.

Why is there a need for anytime anywhere education in India?

AAS Vidyalaya displayed astonishing numbers on Shark Tank India show. 

We all know India is a very large country and contains areas where developed facilities have not reached. 

What came to the surprise, education being the basic need was deprived in many areas of India. 

The current population of India which needs basic education is 27.4 crore.

  • Out of this 8.4 crore Indian Children never attend school at all.
  • School dropout rate in secondary school is more. Most don’t attend school after grade 6.
  • Attendance in Secondary School is only 52%

What is the role of AAS Vidyalaya in the above Problem?

AAS Vidyalaya provides recorded classes for class 6- class 10.

AAS Vidyalaya is on a mission to make every Indian student pass the 10th pass so that as a citizen they are better aware about their choices. 

The basic target market of the AAS Vidyalaya is below poverty line families whose kids cannot afford quality education due to varied reasons like financial constraints, lack of access to school or shut down of a government school due to lack of teachers.

How do students get their services?

AAS Vidyalaya believes they are India’s first online school. 

The cost of their classes are considerably low and structured around the affordability for the parents who earn around 2Lakh per annum.

The parents whose income is less than that can also afford this through the Avileen Education Foundation.

The Avileen Education Foundation sponsors education to students belonging from financially weak backgrounds through their own education fund supported by individuals and corporations.


AAS Education Cafe was launched in 2019 to bridge the device gap in small towns and villages.

They were used as self-study centres, group learning mediums.

AAS Vidyalaya is planning an Expansion based on the Corporate partnership model where these Cafes will be turned into Micro Schools.

Which Structure does AAS Vidyalaya follow in their teaching?

Currently AAS Vidyalaya covers all courses for class 6- Class 10  of Mathematics, Science, Hindi, English, Social Science, Sanskrit, Marathi and Computer.

They follow CBSE and NCERT curriculum but they have also added NIOS, UP Board, MP, Bihar, Rajasthan and Maharashtra Board.

The app acts just like a normal school, which includes regular tests, teacher interactions and report cards. 

The Affordability Factor:

The seed Fund and many corporate collaborations have helped AAS Vidyalaya to sustain in the Market. 

Thus, the many modes of availability have also made AAS Vidyalaya an everyday name.

You can access AAS Vidyalaya Services on Jio TV for free if you have a Jio connection.

You can attend classes on YouTube by becoming a member. 

Direct access through the AAS Vidyalaya app is priced at Rs 200 INR per month where you get access to live sessions and 24/7 support.

For more details on pricing check the link below:

The journey in Shark Tank

AAS Vidyalaya is founded by husband and Wife duo, Mr. Vikas Kakwani and Mrs. Leena Kakwani.

Mr. Vikas Kakwani is an IIT Roorkee Alumni and he did his MBA from IIM Lucknow. 

Mrs. Leena Kakwani has a Masters in Child Psychology who believed in building an educated young India.

Through AAS Vidyalaya they both believe in providing quality and affordable education to the people who cannot afford it.

Read more about their shark tank story below:

They are on a mission to make every Indian 10th pass.

Their pitch was received with much admiration in Shark Tank India and they received INR 1.5 crore for 15% of their equity. 

The Sharks Piyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, and Ashneer Grover gave them the investment to support their mission to make every India receive basic Education.

Today there have been 300,000 downloads of the app.

 AAS Vidyalaya is solving the problem of availability and accessibility of good quality education by bringing the school to the children instead of children to the school. 

The main goal of AAS Vidyalaya is to provide schooling to 8.5 cr students who are not able to go to school for various reasons. The vision is ‘To make every Indian 10th Pass

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