Things You Must Know Before You Start A StartUp

Just Like Everyone Has One Story to Write about their Life. Each has one Dream about StartUp.

A startUp which incubates in our mind for days, weeks and years and for some it never comes into reality.

We all have dreams, ambitions and a USP about starting a StartUp.

Some start and some fail and some succeed and few transform them into Unicorns.

As easy as it seems in the books we read and the success stories of many, Starting a StartUp and surviving it each day is a task where many cannot keep up.

Some stop within Months, Some in Years. 

One must understand that StartUp is not a Rocket to be flying high in the sky as soon as you ignite it but it is the process of building the best rocket that would really cross the boundaries of the sky.

If you have clicked this article that means you have a tiny idea growing in your mind.

Here are the steps to start a StartUp

  • Idea and Discussion: However big aspirations you might have in your mind, it won’t happen in one day. So your idea is just the plan for Day One of your StartUp. Start discussing it with your co-founders if any. If you are a solopreneur then this is your time to research. Research if your idea was started by someone else or if they failed then what were the drawbacks. Make notes of all the points that you find during this period of research and refining the idea. That’s why we said the idea is just the Day one of your start, after this you will have a lot of layers to add and deduct from your idea. One must remember that there should be one Unique selling point in their idea. Like CRED targets only the top 1% of the market spenders.
  • Time to have a Business Plan:As you have written your idea, with your Research and co-founders opinions you can now have a proper step by step business plan. Like, what is your product? Who would be the people involved? Who are your customers? Based on these three points you should create your business plan. The detailed analysis of this structure a plan should be created.
  • Initial Funding: Today there are many venture capitalists who do invest in StartUp without collateral but it is rare. So the initial funding to survive for the first year you should have a funding plan. The bank loans or the clear idea of how much value each co-founder would bring should be planned at this stage. You could try angel investors or only investing partners. For the collection of investments, you will need a steady business plan and a great pitch to impress the investors. 29% of startups fail due to lack of funds so this is the most important thing for your survival.
  • All about Location: Today having an online presence is essential for credibility. Your online and offline location must be clear before the networking process begins. So you must have a place according to your budget and an relatable online presence like for the executive business services or products LinkedIn is the best choice. For beauty and cosmetics Instagram and Facebook.
  • Build a Strong Marketing Team: Marketing is the core of any business. One must hire or if the marketing is handled by founders then effective communication strategies must be developed to make a strong and empathetic connection with the brand and its services. Customers are connected with brands for the long term based on the content used for marketing the products or services. So the marketing team is an important spinal cord to your business so make sure you have a good one.
  • Building an Ecosystem for Customers: Your initial work and service will bring you testimonials. So you must work super hard even if it is a financial loss. Consider it like building a house of bricks and each brick must be placed in alignment. So focus on getting the best testimonials from your customers.
  • Flexible to change: As you execute the plan there could be the need of changing or refine your plan. Like the need for new people or new ideology to create a new marketing plan. So one must be open to change as per the need for growth.
  • A lot of Resilience: The plan might not work, the goal might seem unreachable. However, it is your resilience to stay strong and hold the front end of the StarTUp so it doesn’t fall apart. One must remember that most startups find success or break even after 4 or 5 years. It takes a lot of time to build trust with your consumers. Your plans would need a lot of refining and this would increase your time to be adaptable to the new business. There are so many who start the StartUps but only the ones who stay in the race until the end to reach the finishing point. So remember the longer you hold on to your idea and your plan, the more likely your success will be.

As a Skillz4life is also in its StartUp phase, we know exactly how overwhelming it might feel to dream, create and execute.

It is a lot to start Startups because you and your team are the only ones hiring, retaining and training employees. 

It takes a lot of your time in building a team of like-minded individuals to achieve the goals of the organization.

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