The Unacknowledged Umpires and Their Skills

Imagine a Kabbadi match, A match that lasts less than an hour and raids that could happen in less than 10 seconds. The Kabbadi matches are so trending now and the players are more popular than the game itself. Yet the least acknowledged skills are of the Umpire. 

An umpire who is a meditator of a game. Who has to give the decisions in a split-second has never been acknowledged for his unique and quick critical thinking skills. 

This week we @skillz4life focused on critical thinking skills and their importance, but it would be unfair if we skipped the importance of this human attribute in umpires.

Umpires are present in every kind of game and today to their rescue technological support is present. But before tech support, the important decisions of any game were dependent on one person that is an umpire.

 Umpires give their decision with a person appealing to make a decision, with thousands of people screaming all around the ground and the loud music running in the background. With so many distractions around the umpire must not lose his focus and give proper decisions without a mistake. Each wrong decision will question his career and may become his last match. 

Umpires of all games have the least amount of time to make decisions about others’ life. The irony of umpires’ decisions is that they will surely break one person’s heart. 

Imagine living in the world of diplomacy being so decisive that it will break one person’s heart or many fans is sure, the job of an umpire is so tough. 

The training umpires must undergo is so critical and strenuous on their mind.

 There is no doubt that only a strong mind with high critical thinking ability will survive. 

We @Skillz4life give due importance to this human attribute to develop critical thinking skills. 

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