The Role of Leadership Trait in the Emergency🆘Situation

Emergencies are situation that occurs without notice in personal or professional life. 

In personal life, situations like natural disasters or wartime can create an emergency situation. Whereas in Professional life the situations like financial crisis, technological crisis, Confrontation crisis, Natural disaster,  Malevolence, personnel crisis, bomb threats, suspicious mail or package can create disruption in the work environment. 

The various kind of emergencies demands various kind of plan of action. 

The plan of action can only be initiated by the person who has trained leadership traits in their nature. 

When we at Skillz4life train people for a leadership role, basic attributes like responsible leadership is given more importance. 

Responsible leaders are efficient decision makers treating everyone with equal importance. 

As a leadership role involves an important decision-making process that has an impact on the course of an organisation and many personnel, it involves many different attributes to become a great leader.  

Now the purpose of this article is to give important leadership traits in case of an emergency in personal or professional life. 

In personal lives, the emergencies like natural disasters, or financial crises disrupts an individual’s regular life. With proper planning, this can be handled well if you follow the traits to take charge of your life. 

 However as we provide training to the leadership roles in the corporate world, we had to put forward our plan of action in handling emergencies in a leadership role.

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Imagine having a fire in an apartment. Emergency situations like this are rare but they occur and immediate actions can save human loss.

In a similar way, corporate emergencies demand the same kind of response.

Here are the 5 major SOS Leadership traits to follow

  • Quick Thinking: In situations like natural disasters, the situation demands a quicker plan of action. Like the nearest route to evacuate the space., to locate the nearest safe house, places to hide in case of bomb threats, important documents to carry, carry enough food and water. These are simple measures that should be inclusive in the thought process during emergencies. Quick Thinking abilities in panic situations are difficult even for the most intelligent people or experienced leaders. Having a Crisis Management Plan in place is very important for this. How will Organisation manage in case of natural disasters or man-made? Organisations have fire drills or training in case of an earthquake where individuals are trained how to handle such situations. Even individuals are allowed responsibilities. Getting yourself trained for first aid and CPR will also prepare you for eventualities. This training opens your mind to be always prepared for any events and not panicking. 
  • Negotiations: Negotiations are an option in situations like diluting assets in a corporate world. The negotiations can come to bring mutual solutions for both parties and as a leader, you would save the bigger damage. In a personal crisis, negotiations during a disaster could help you get food or space to live in a safe house 
  • Focus On Minimal Human Loss: Be it a country war or corporate crisis, there would be loss of human life or human jobs. Both these situations have a drastic effect on the lives of many people dependent on that job. Thus, it is an important factor that a leader must consider during planning the remedial action to the emergencies.
  • Responsible Actions: As a leader, you are representing the people. Your actions will have consequences that will affect the lives you are representing. In the case of emergencies, your sole responsibility is to safeguard the interests of the people you are representing. 
  • Empathetic Communication: The people dependent on your leadership role will be terrified with uncertainty. It is your responsibility to give them hope and situational understanding. Empathetic communication will build their faith to overcome the emergency situation.

For more information on how to develop a corporate emergency plan read this article

To handle an emergency situation in personal and professional demands high-quality leadership skills.

Even experienced and expertise sometimes fail to handle the situational crisis.

Emergency situations are overwhelming and decisions are required to be made in quicker paced moments.

“In crisis management, be quick with the facts and slow with the blame.”

 — Leonard Saffir, Public relations executive

The current situation of Ukraine 🇺🇦 and Russia 🇷🇺 have put the leadership roles into questionable remark.

However, we only hope that Leadership can change bad situations into good things.

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“The secret of crisis management is not good vs. bad, it’s preventing the bad from getting worse.”

— Andy Gilman, president & CEO of Comm-Core Consulting Group

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