Rural Women Vikash Mission: Empowering Rural Women

India is a land of villages. On the basis of characteristics and challenges, there are three sorts of societies: tribal, rural, and urban. Six lakh villages are spread across India, with rural society housing 74% of the people. Rural women are the most impacted and exploited component in rural life. In an age of globalization and urbanization, rural women are gradually moving toward development, but the predicted success has yet to materialize in India’s rural culture. Indian rural women face a variety of social, psychological, cultural, economic, physical, and psychological issues.

Over the last year, metropolitan women have been forced to labor in rural areas. Between March 2020 and March 2021, the number of women working in rural regions grew by 9.6 percent, while those working in cities decreased by 19.6 percent. This change was significantly smaller among men, with male rural employment growing by 0.8% while urban employment fell by 0.3%.

The National Commission for women was established in 1992 as a national Apex statutory organization to protect women, as well as the Rural Women Vikash Mission, was launched in 2016. The ministry has launched the world’s largest and unique program for the development of women. Additionally, women’s immunizations and healthcare include preschool education. Most of the programs which are held in this organization are conducted by non-governmental institutions.

Rural Women Vikash Mission is undertaken by the Government of India under the district supervisors who were selected districts of Bihar State, will be the institution of choice of four-four district supervisor will complete the selection process district supervisors were elected by the institution Rural Women Vikash Mission his district every four blocks at the block level supervisors who shall choose the block supervisor came by my block gram Panchayat level, which will work from time to time to collect new block from fill and then the supervisor is the main function to function fully at GP level.

Established as a part of the ministry of human resources development, with the view to accelerate rural women’s development. Directorate of Rural Women Vikash’s mission was set up at the state level to bring dynamism in programs related to the welfare of rural women. In the year 2019-2020, the state government instructed the Rural Women Vikash Mission to conduct programs for the development of rural women.

The state social welfare board establishment the state government as the state unit of the Uttar Pradesh control board and the central social welfare board established under the orphanage and other former Shelters is also placed under the control of the Rural Women Vikash Mission. This institution plant various policies and programs for the development of rural women and also implements many rules, acting as a National Program. It is also established as a governmental and non-governmental organization socially.

The Rural Women Vikash Mission branch is under the supervision of the ministry. There are four details of the affairs of the ministry which are the bureau of women’s development, the bureau of women’s development and nutrition, the bureau of women’s health development, and the bureau of microcredit development.

Rural Women Vikash Mission organizes many types of programs like it talks about women in social welfare employment and other work-life training and products for women. This program also plays health education and complementary characters. All the efforts made by this institution are made to ensure that rural women are economically and socially authorized. They also contribute equally to men in national development.

The women’s empowerment mission (N.H.B.W) has also been established by the government of India. Choose this mission Beti Bachao Beti Padhao and the 1811 women’s helpline are working towards the empowerment of women. Through the Sakhi Ashajyoti centers under the mission which is currently active in 75 districts, the work of organizing the program of the Rural Women Vikash Mission of various departments through one roof convention has been started.

Funds are arranged provision for providing financial assistance for educational and medical facilities for women and their dependents and financially weak women. The structure of the fund has been provided at Rs. 100 Crore.

Efforts are being made to conduct the involvement of NGOs more effective. The National Commission for women has been implemented by the ministry as one of the major policies of the rural women development mission National nutrition policy project.

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