Navratri: 9 Days, 9 Forms and 9 Lessons to Learn

Navratri is one of our country’s most holy and joyful celebrations. Navratri, or ‘9 Nights,’ as the name suggests, is extremely important, but this celebration has come in the shape of beautiful, informative, and joyful daylight for every young professional and entrepreneur.

Navratri is a joyous event in which Goddess Durga is honored in many forms around the country. Goddess Durga, with her aura, personality, and narrative, not only instills incredible devotion but also provides wonderful leadership teachings for all entrepreneurs and young professionals. 

As the Navratri begins, here are the nine traits from the nine forms of Goddess Durga that might help you expand your career and company:

Goddess Shailputri teaches Introspection

Shailpurti is the Goddess of Nature who leads us on our quest to discover our life’s mission. The same is true for every career or business. Before embarking on any endeavor, you should consider why you want to be an entrepreneur or a professional. The early years of establishing a firm or career are difficult – arranging funds to generate development momentum and selecting the proper financial partner who understands your business goal is crucial or finding a job in case of young professionals, which company to apply to or industry to move ahead with. Even when you have created a great firm or career, you must constantly analyze and improve to reach your objectives.

Goddess Brahmacharini teaches how to be Determined

Goddess Bhramacharini is well-known for her determination. Being driven to develop a successful firm or career becomes critical in the early years of your business or profession. Acquiring new customers or jobs, arranging finance for expansion or interviews, managing day-to-day operating expenditures, keeping a high level of service or productivity, retaining quality, and being competitive in your product or workplace may all lead to burnout. You must have the appropriate staff and partners or co-workers and team members that are as committed to the success of your organization as you are.

Goddess Chandraghanta teaches Vigilance

Goddess Chandraghanta is well-known for her wisdom and vigilance. To operate a successful business or task in hand, you must be aware of the newest trends, be attentive about legislative changes that affect your organization and upgrade technology that will benefit your company or career.

Goddess Kushmanda teaches how to Create Prosperity

Goddess Kushmanda is said to provide wealth and good health to those who worship her. A successful business or career keeps all of its stakeholders satisfied. While you are making money, make sure your business is based on a customer-centric basis. Always monitor your workers’ emotional and financial well-being, and make certain that the investments made by your partners and investors are successful.

Goddess Skandamata teaches how to be Gentle and Baring

Goddess Skandamata is a caring and gentle goddess. Compassion is a critical trait in running a successful business. A caring leader encourages all team members to work together toward common goals and pushes them to go above and beyond to serve consumers.

Goddess Katyayani teaches the Fighting spirit

Katyayani, the goddess of battle, is a warrior goddess. Businesses, as well as careers, nowadays are highly dynamic, and you must adjust your firm to meet these difficulties in the face of shifting trends, legislation, and fierce competition. To make your business or career successful, you must master the art of fighting against all difficulties from Goddess Katyayani.

Goddess Kaalratri teaches how to overcome Adversity

Goddess Kaalratri is regarded as the Demolisher of Darkness. There will always be a period of uncertainty in your business’s growth while creating a successful firm. This might be due to changing market dynamics, a lack of finances for development, or a bad business decision. In such a case, your stakeholders may panic. As a company leader, you must communicate with your stakeholders frequently about your strategy for overcoming this temporary darkness.

Goddess Mahagauri teaches Grooming and Charm

Goddess Mahagauri is recognized for her radiant beauty and upbeat demeanor. When meeting with prospective clients, you must be well-dressed and happy as a professional or an entrepreneur. You must create a favorable initial impression of yourself and your organization among all stakeholders.

Goddess Siddhidatri teaches how to improve your Knowledge and develop your Skills

Goddess Siddhidatri is famed for bestowing insights and everlasting knowledge to her followers. As an entrepreneur or a professional, you must have a solid understanding of your business and continually improve your skills to establish new strategies for growth.

We hope that as you celebrate this vibrant festival of Navratri, you follow and adapt these nine features of the nine forms of Goddess Durga and enhance your skill set to grow yourself and the organization. 

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