Leadership hacks by Narayan Murthy

Known as The father of Indian IT sector is how any one knows Narayan Murthy in India and across the world.

He was listed as the 12 greatest entrepreneurs in The Fortune Magazine.

Narayan Murthy has been honoured with Padma Vibhushan, Padma Shri and Legion of Honour.

He is known as the founder of Infosys and currently serving as Chairman Emeritus of Infosys.

He was CEO of Infosys for 21 years.

Following that he served as chairman of Infosys and then became the chief mentor.

To be a leader for such a long duration he must have come across so many employees.

To be consistent and equal with everyone is the most difficult task.

We are sure you are going to find Narayan Murthy’s leadership attributes inspiring.

As a person, Narayan Murthy is shy and introverted.

His initial funding struggle did make him enhance his communication techniques.

It took him more than 30 attempts to make the government of India understand his project.

5 beliefs of Narayan Murthy

  • Narayan Murthy believed in Leadership by Example.
  • He believed in limited use of words and more in actions.
  • He believed in bigger vision but smaller consistent actions.
  • He didn’t keep thoughts in Mind, he believed in writing, which gave him a sense of action.
  • He believed in arguments and debates to be clear of all the obstacles.

As you now know that Narayan Murthy believed in Leadership by Example. He would often do the task himself.

Let’s have a look at the action-packed Narayan Murthy’s Leadership Attributes:

  1. Cut Yourself a slice, not a large one always: This was Murthy’s words, when it came to take profits. He believed a leader needs to show his or her sacrifice and commitment. 
  2. Treat your people good, but best one better: Murthy always had a thing for best performers. He would motivate them, award them and embrace them to get their trust and affection. 
  3. When in doubt, disclose: As much as he believed in minimum words but he always encouraged transparency and being open in between employees. He had confidence that this philosophy would increase the credibility of infosys.
  4. Hold on to your people but don’t be clingy: He tried his best to hold on to his co-founders but he never believed in resisting them. He soon learned the art of letting go which made his leadership journey less easier.
  5. Talent spotting and division of labour: Narayan Murthy always encouraged talent. One of the co-founders was a co-worker with Narayan Murthy known as Nandan Nilekani.Narayana Murthy always uplifted his talented employees. Narayan Murthy always gives honest feedback with grace and humility.

A person with limited talk held the company for 21years with progress.

His definite and straight talks would dismay the biggest controversies in his career.

He used communication effectively to connect strong bonds with his employees and workers.

He used his action oriented style to gain the trust and belief of the employees.

In one of his interviews he said, I don’t talk leadership, I live leadership by example. Have a look at his interview here https://youtu.be/r9URuqwQ0RM

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