How will technological advancement impact employment?

We have heard this many times that technological innovation is not going to impact the employment rate. However, we are closer to the period where some jobs could be eliminated and uneducated people would have a hard time finding employment

The above is a Robo police at the latest Dubai expo 2020. Yes, Police is never sufficient in many countries like India, where the population is huge and the crime rate is high. This is an innovation that many countries need.

Robotics is a sector where job demand is high, however, the demand is high, the requirement of skill is also high. 

The kind of basic education required to work in the field of Robotic is excruciatingly demanding.

Currently, the need for manpower in the Police sector is high, however, the number might not increase when Robo police enter the field.

 The barriers like bias, discrimination will be completely taken out.

 There will be a need for human intervention in Police Department however it will remain the same or decrease but the need for manpower will not increase.

Say goodbye to customer care executives, a job that needed a basic graduation degree to get a job at medium-range organizations nationally. Here is an interesting Robot greeting you in any language you want with utmost efficiency.

The customer care team has a difficult competition to sustain in their field of work with these robots. (These robots can greet you in the voice of many of your favorite actors).

Direct advertisement has a new face. As intimidating as it might feel, these robots can track the highest searched data within the proximity of the area and solve the problems of the potential customers by showing them where and how they can get it.

These robots have shut down the need for kiosks with executives, who used to stand for hours to grasp the attention of each passerby in an event.

Have a look at the above Robot with a display screen with the potential to market multiple brands at a time.

Important Facts about Automation affecting employment:

  • Technology Changes the nature of the current job, which means one must be highly skilled to sustain the change. Like in the above case, kiosk executives must upgrade their level of skills to match a different job role.
  • Half of the current population will be replaced by artificial intelligence gadgets. This will create a huge employment gap if you aren’t prepared to upgrade with automation with the unique form of skills. One will need more technical knowledge to be able to get a job.
  • The expected industry to grow is social media, different applications, robotics, and agriculture. medical, one must be skilled enough to offer services in these industries.
  • The highest risk from automation is waiters, shelf-fillers, “elementary sales occupations” (manual roles that can include shop greeters and trolley collectors), bar staff, and kitchen and catering assistants.
  • The elimination of manual jobs like lift operators, bus conductors, the guards at malls have already been eliminated by highly developed countries like UK and USA
  • Senior executives at multinational companies are at the lowest risk.
  • The higher-level jobs like dentists, teachers, financial controllers are at the lowest risk due to advanced skills and roles.

The digital change will reduce some jobs however it will also create demand for intellectual jobs. 

Artificial intelligence would still need humans to use them according to the needs of the organisation. 

How to be ready for the technologically advanced workplace?

  • Digital skills are important to be ahead of the competitive employment force. Digital skills include the use of computers, touch screen model devices, phones, and different software. One must be adaptable to these changes to survive the replacement by a robot.
  • Soft skills are the essential traits of human nature. If you have these then you might go level up in your current employment role. Critical thinking and decision making are the important traits that are to be carried by a human and not by the robots in an organization. 
  • Problem-solving, stress-tolerance, self-management, time- management will be looked up to be employed in any organization. These skills can be acquired today if you don’t have one. The advancement of these skills will make you employable in future. 
  • Becoming a specialist. When you become a specialist in any field then you are irreplaceable. So start looking up courses to become a specialist in digital skills. What could be the need of the future, like becoming a specialist in digital marketing, or cloud software? These kinds of roles are just emerging in the technological era, so one has multiple opportunities to prove. 

 The fear of automation is real and it has been with each industrial revolution. Jobs are still available on every website and there are millions jobless still sitting at their homes today. 

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However this gap is always due to the gap in skills. For a job role thousands of applications are applied but only the most efficient and highly skilled are the ones that go further. 

 We must remember that the employment gap is there today and maybe it will be more. However, only the highly skilled will be acquiring any job roles. 

You cannot show your efficiency before you are hired, you can only show your skills.

Skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and time management can be acquired at any age through training programs.

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