How to manage and engage blue collar employees?

Blue-collar jobs are those in manufacturing, driving, mining, farming, fishing, commercial, waste collection, restaurants, hospitality industry and many more.

The pandemic gave a halt to the major jobs of blue-collar people.

The people usually earn wages with everyday jobs.

More than 50 per cent of the blue-collar people don’t have fixed everyday jobs.

The great fall of the blue-collar jobs disrupted many lives towards extinction. The loss of jobs in the pandemic inclined many blue-collar job survivors to end their life due to poverty and joblessness.

Why is there a need for Engaging the blue collar workers?

The estimated job openings for blue collar workers in India is 7 million in India.

The blue collar employees often feel unimportant and undervalued in Organisation. They are often hired in contract periods thus many employers never engage, which makes retention rate lower and higher cost of hiring.

As per a 2018 report by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, there could be 2.4 million unfilled manufacturing jobs between 2018 and 2028. According to the analysis, the labor shortfall would have a $2.5 trillion negative economic impact in the United States.

Many people believe that this insufficiency is the result of the stigmas or myths attached with the blue collar workers.

They are the backbone of the labour intensive industries. 

As a country of diversity, India is a superpower of youth. If we use the youth to train them in specific skills which will lead to a better quality of life for young Indians and India as a nation.

The need for engagement of blue collors is due to 

  • Low wage jobs oftens comes with lower motivation.
  • Blue collar workers often work in controlled and hazardous conditions.
  • Their work is monotonous, lacks creativity, and physically exhaustive.
  • They start detachment with work resulting into lower productivity and lower motivation.

Thus the above factors make the employers engagement as a necessity to retain blue collar employees.

5 Ways to Engage and retain the blue collar workers

  1. Recognition: The blue-collar jobs are hard and often front line workers.Their jobs are not safe and exposure to risks like accidents with chemicals or machinery are more. Yet they are ignored and underappreciated. Thus a little recognition would help them boost their morale.
  2. Encourage Learning and Upskilling: Often blue-collar workers come with language barriers. A simple effort to help them learn the local language or English could help them grow their vision for their life.Some organizations do provide basic computer operational skills to retain the employees for a longer period.
  3. Taking Efforts to care for their Health: Most blue-collar workers lack knowledge about basic health care. They avoid hospital visits and often self-medicate.Educating them about various illnesses and symptoms to get a health check-up.If organisations offer timely free health c for the blue collar workers and their family it would be a goodwill.
  4. Listening with Assurance:Blue-collar workers are the first level workers so they usually struggle to communicate the daily problems at work. Proactive listening and assuring their problem will be solved motivates them. Many companies are now using pulse surveys to check on employee morale, which has proven to be incredibly effective.
  5. Remove the stigma: Blue collar workers often don’t feel confident about their personality. The constant undermining at the workplace will make them depressed and less effective. They may not aspire to be in management positions, but they do want to be professionals at all times. It is crucial to recognize that blue-collar workers have a different perspective on their job than office workers.

With these simple methods the employees would feel an integral part of an organisation. This would make retention rate of employees more which would make an organisation rich with expert blue collar workers.

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