How to Effectively Create Consumer Awareness?

The next time you pick a product from the supermarket shelf just stop for a moment and read the description provided for the product.

For most of us, only the expiry date is of the only concern.

Imagine a cup of yogurt you buy has very limited information conveyed to us.

As we progressed from asking a shopkeeper to give us the product to pick the product of our need on our own from a supermarket shelf to the covid times where we ordered everything online.

The more choice of buying never led to more awareness over our consumption.

Most of the products we consume every day are store-bought.

Most of our purchase is influenced by the form of communication the brand or product provides us.

It must make us think more about the products and brands

What is consumer awareness?

Consumer awareness is a declaration by the producer that the consumer or buyer has complete knowledge about the product or service being purchased with the associated consumer rights.

Each product or service has certain specifications which must be disclosed and also the consumer has the right to raise an issue if it doesn’t match the specifications displayed on the product or service.

Do you remember when a consumer raised a complaint about charging the brand carry bags to the consumer?

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  • But Do we know everything about it?
  • Do we have access to all the information we must know?
  • If we did then why only some question about their consumer right?
  • If we did have awareness then why barely do people demand information.
  • If we did have awareness then why do so many duplicate products are seeking into the shelves of the supermarkets or online stores?
  • If we did pay attention to the bills we get after shopping we would have more clarity over the price and quality.
  • We immediately crush those invoices before reaching our cars or taxi.
  • This shows how much we lack in receiving communication from brands.

As consumers, we have ignored our rights.

It has just been over a decade where very few people pointed out improper acts of some brands acting unethically.

It all sums up how and what is communicated in the relationship of Consumer and Creator.

We are in a most technologically advanced era where a product or service is launched over numerous platforms and each platform has its consumer base.

Each consumer base expects a different level of information but should the provider or entrepreneurs be hideous about the product or service.

Sadly many are hideous and they don’t convey all the information to their target consumers.

This is where consumer awareness should be at the forefront to stop the misinterpretation of the product or service.

As a consumer each must know their rights to question and demand more information in the case of little information or missing information.

As a brand or entrepreneur, each must provide clear information about the product or service.

The most ethical entrepreneur often convey to consumers their rights through various social media platforms.

It was touching and inspiration when the Lifebouy handwash advertisement focused on using hand wash during the Covid-19 outbreak. They didn’t focus on their brand awareness but they intentionally and focused on the health of the consumers.

It felt an empathetic connection with its consumer base.

How can we be aware of all the products in the market?

We cannot be fully aware of all the names of chemicals or raw materials.

The thing we lacked from the beginning was

  • We never pointed out the wrong products.
  • We never demanded more information
  • We accepted the products the way it was
  • We never read the product information when our favourite celebrity promoted it.

What should we do?

  • We must raise an issue when we find out the fraud
  • We must demand more information through various modes today
  • It is our right to deserve quality products
  • Always read the information written on products before buying.
  • Do not buy products with limited information.

Consumer Awareness is the ground between reaction and choice.

It all starts with leadership and an outstanding team.

If you are an entrepreneur then you must insist on creating an exceptional team.

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