How Empathy at Workplace is the Secret Ingredient to Success

The Prega news ad portrays the shift of the cubicle for a woman employee to the ground floor once she announces her pregnancy where she also gets a footrest under the table. It did move much of our attention towards the brand and the impact that ad made is massive.

The ad is 4 years old and we still remember it just like yesterday.

Why do you think many are connected to that ad?

Another ad was released in the same series of Prega news named as your second home, where a female manager is facing Postnatal depression as she joins work after having a child. 

This ad had touched many females with a tear in their eyes.

What was it that we felt so connected to the emotion of a fictional advertisement.?

In the comments section on Preganews Youtube channel, women were asking, “Where are these kinds of people found?”

Each Diwali, Fathers Day, Mothers Day and all the days we celebrate, we see some corporate ads showcasing the office emotions that move our attitude toward that brand or organization.

But that’s it, those are just fictional ads. It would be wrong to say that cruel people are working in the office but it is the immense pressure to complete a task and go back to their home that makes people ignorant and unrealistic to feel any emotions.

We love connecting with those ads filled with emotions and tears of a mother, father, delivery boy, PoS sales associate, office watchman or the tea delivery boy but is it an everyday situation?

So, What is missing?

What the ads are showing is known as empathy.

We all go through different kinds of situations every day. We spend most of our time in the office even on the bad days. But most of us assume that work is a place where professionalism is to be put first and personal problems outside the office door.

Is it possible for a person to just switch in and out of stressful situations?

Can you be a person, who is a different human being outside and inside the office respectively.

It is difficult for a person to maintain a balance of mind in stressful home environments or personal situations.

It is not that an employee has a problem all the time but a lending ear to just hear the problem is a search we are all in.

It is more important for an organisation to have an empathetic environment in the workplace because a product or service created by the empathetic employee and environment always stands out extraordinary.

Yes, empathy makes a person, brand, service, product into an extraordinary one.

Empathy means that you thoroughly understand what the other person feels.

Empathy means feeling others emotions under their skin and responding accordingly.

As rightly said by Elbert Hubbard, One Machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

Empathy is a human skill that makes an employee and employer extraordinary.

It is that one thing that makes a team successful, functional and durable.

It is nothing other than empathetic connections to the goal and vision of the person handling other employees or teams.

Only empathetic emotions connect humans to their realities.

Let’s understand the role of empathy with some clarity.

What is empathy?

Empathy is understanding what a person feels by fitting in others’ shoes.

It is difficult and not everyone can do that.

It was not always difficult to be empathetic, before sympathy, we were only empathetic when humans evolved.

We need to be more empathetic to be a human, to understand another human.

Five ways to check if you are empathetic or not in a workplace environment;

  1. Do you feel angry when a woman employee takes a leave?
  2. Do you ask a disabled person if they need help?
  3. Do you know different ways of expressing condolences?
  4. Do you feel difficulty expressing sadness in front of your colleagues?
  5. Do you take time to check on a colleague whose productivity has dropped?

It happens on an everyday basis where people quit work saying it was hectic.

Most people put a monetary value on their work and then quit when they cannot find the quality of life to their monetary value.

The hidden reason for quitting is less empathetic relations at the workplace.

All the relations strive on compassion. Empathy is mostly a non-verbal action. The little thing that makes another person comfortable.

To be empathetic we need to think a lot because each person has different demands according to their life circumstances.

If you notice there must be many people who lost their mother, father, baby, wife, husband, dog. It is a huge lot of huge emotions to process and the struggle is real.

 Some people never cope up.

Then some people must be struggling to make ends meet due to their lack of financial planning.

Each of us deals with a whole lot of social stigma to match with which inflict emotional pain and struggle to deal with.

No one can say we can’t know what our colleague is going through.

We have all been through different emotions. But we exactly don’t know how to express empathy. Even if we feel we are empathetic the opposite person receives it as sympathy.

Sympathy is not bad but it is unwanted and makes people more negative about themselves.

5 ways to be empathetic at the workplace:
  1. Always use the name of your colleagues to start a conversation with. It feels more human and normal. Don’t use words like a buddy, bro, sis if you’re trying to send a written message.
  2. Most people don’t like to read condolence messages or hear the same words from every person’s mouth. It is often considered as sympathetic than empathetic. Give the person time to grieve. A simple hug, handshake or eye contact with the grieving is understandable. Non-verbal communications are best to be an empathetic person.
  3. Don’t argue with your colleagues or senior colleagues in case of disagreement. Validate your points and leave it up to their judgement. Understand maybe they are not seeing the thing, however, according to your viewpoint. Validate then stop.
  4. Listening to people without interrupting is a skill and the best skill in being an empathetic person. Listen and let them wait to hear your opinion. It is one of the best corporate manners.
  5. If your colleague snaps at you without reason. This is something that happens when the other person has a bad day. Don’t judge them for being rude. Wait for them to realise their mistake. If they are apologetic then convey your emotions verbally. If you are the person with a bad day then communicate your emotions with your colleague without the fear of judgement.

Empathy is emotions like love, pain, joy and grief. It is not something that must be hidden because you are at your workplace.

Empathy means understanding other individuals vulnerable situations, reactions and emotions.

It is not hard to be empathetic but it is the way of expressing the empathetic words, actions at the right moment.

Why is empathy so important in the workplace?

Today many institutes/organisations/ specific job roles demand a certain level of emotional intelligence/quotient(EQ). Just like the Intelligence quotient(IQ), EQ is considered an important factor in decision making roles.

The most important factor that assesses EQ is based on

  • Conflict management
  • Pro-social behaviour
  • Emotional regulation
  • Emotional self-awareness
  • Self Efficacy
  • Motivation

All these factors are assessed through AI to check our Emotional Quotient.

Empathy plays a huge factor here as you can see that all the factors are based on emotional values thus empathy being an anchor to our emotions and behaviour.

Having adequate empathetic values are important for any human being.

It is an absolute important need if you want to reach those higher managerial roles as your behaviour and empathetic values will be under constant scrutiny.

  • ·         Do you find it difficult to communicate empathetically?
  • ·         Do you find it hard to understand sarcastic views?
  • ·         Do you find it difficult to respond to written communication?
  • ·         How easy it could be if you could understand non-verbal communication?

Don’t worry if you lack in receiving or giving empathetic emotions.

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