How does the future of Blue-Collar careers look?

India Inc is going to create 7 million blue-collar jobs by the end of this fiscal year.  This was stated in an article in economic times.

The jobs are going to be created, let us first understand what are Blue Collar Jobs?

Understanding blue-collar jobs.

Blue-collar jobs are those in manufacturing, driving, mining, farming, fishing, commercial, waste collection, restaurants, hospitality industry and many more.

The pandemic gave a halt to the major jobs of blue-collar people.

The people usually earn wages with everyday jobs.

More than 50 per cent of the blue-collar people don’t have fixed everyday jobs.

The great fall of the blue-collar jobs disrupted many lives towards extinction. The loss of jobs in the pandemic inclined many blue-collar job survivors to end their life due to poverty and joblessness.

5 facts about Blue Collar People

  • Very few people in blue-collar jobs complete formal education.
  • They often come from low economic backgrounds.
  • They possess language barriers
  • They have difficulty in using new technology.
  • They take a longer time to adapt and learn as they possess knowledge in one skill or some learn on the job.

Struggles of a blue-collar worker in Pandemic.

  • During the first wave, the loss of jobs was paid by many organisations to sustain their livelihood. When the pandemic has reached its third wave, sustaining blue-collar employees has become difficult for the employer. 
  • Most blue-collar employees are immigrants and many went back to their homeland or native places which has limited access to updated information. This made many skilled blue-collar employers inaccessible.
  • Usually, blue-collar employees depend on one job for their livelihood. Their only source of income was stopped which put many families in distress. Many families ended their life due to debt with no source of income.
  • These workers have zero access to upskill. They have no idea of other ways to learn and earn. These workers come with a fixed mindset to earn in the same job for life long.
  • They possess language barriers which make their training hard if they shift states or cities. 

Methods to Support Blue-collar jobs.

As the struggles of blue-collar jobs are many, this pandemic has also brought some measures to support blue-collar jobs.

As a country of diversity, India is a superpower of youth. If we use the youth to train them in specific skills which will lead to a better quality of life for young Indians and India as a nation.


Hiring & Retaining Blue Collar Workers has become a challenge due to the changing economy and increase in expectations of blue-collar work.

Several industries such as manufacturing, transportation, health care, mining and construction are seeing difficulty in filling blue collar workers, not only in India but around the world.

The growing blue-collar labour shortage comes from recent economic and educational trends, the primary reason being shifting demographics and economic trends.

Older workers from the baby boomer generation are aging out of the workforce faster than new workers can replace them, and high school graduates are overwhelmingly opting for college degrees and applying for white-collar jobs.

Additionally, the (inaccurate) perception of blue-collar work as “hard” and “dirty” discourages many job-seekers from considering blue-collar work.


In today’s world, as an entrepreneur and leader, you have to realise that without manpower your organisation cannot progress into the future. They are the reason behind the profitability of the company.

The most blue-collar workforce is migrant and not highly educated.

The newer generation is ambitious and more keen to learn and adapt to new technologies.

 But they feel stigmatised by their profession and cannot see the larger career picture in front of them.

So, Skillz4life has crafted Training to enable Organisations in creating a Culture of Hiring and Retaining Blue Collar Workers.

The better management of the blue-collar jobs will support the growth of the economy.

At Skillz4life we support the youth who lack soft skills.

Skillz4life aims to facilitate the people of blue-collar with enhancing their soft skills like communication and leadership.

We believe in the exponential growth of the blue-collar if they are trained with an excellent soft skills program.

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