How did Anjali Vazare become the First E-Dost of her Village?

Anjali Vazare has basic education of 10th grade and is a widowed woman living in Pathardi Gram Panchayat.

Anjali was widowed after 5 years of marriage and was left with a 4-year-old son and her in-laws dependent on her.

Her basic source of income was farming and her daily routine included cooking, cleaning and caring for her child. 

Life was getting extremely difficult for Anjali as no other sources of income was available to her but the expenses of a child and ageing parents were adding nightmares to her sleep.

How did Anjali find her first job?

With the desperate need for an extra income, Anjali was looking for a job in her village as he couldn’t travel to town or city due to a young child and household chores.

Anjali joined the community resource person in the BAIF institutes of Sustainable Development.

 She used to act as a mediator, where she used to create awareness about Sustainable development and she used to inform about the issues the villagers were facing the BISLD team

How did the concept of E-Dost begin?

During her period as a community resource person, Anjali identified a problem of the unavailability of basic banking facilities.

To make basic bank transactions, whether to receive or transfer the money they had to travel a half-day journey and spend 30 to 40 rs for transport.

Considering this problem, the BISLD team introduced a solution with the AePS system. AePS is an Aadhar enabled Payment System.

Through AePS the villagers can avail basic banking facilities at the doorstep such as bill payments, mobile recharge. Deposits and withdrawals.

To avail of these basic transactions, the villagers had to travel 15 km incurring a 30 Rs travel cost.

What did Anajli’s Training Include?

With the basic education of grade 10th and a woman who barely knew how to handle a touch screen phone.

Anjali had never known banking transactions. 

Anjali was seen as enthusiastic to learn and she was determined to become an E-Dost for her villagers.

The first training included how to operate a Mobile Phone

Then she was trained in using the AePS platform.

Detailed training about Internet banking was provided to her.

She also learnt how to use bio-metric assessment to conduct each transaction.

The last part was maintaining the cash flow.

Every concept of training was a new world to learn for Anjali. She was hesitant and anxious to manage the cash.

 The training enabled her to gain confidence and her determination to continue her work led to becoming the first E-Dost of her Village.

Today Anjali has managed transactions worth 40 lakh rupees. 

Anjali is 28 years old and she provides E-Dost Services to 4 villages and 600 villagers. During Lockdown Anjali reached the highest turnover of over 5 lakh rupees in the month of May 2020.

The everyday routine of Anjali starts with going to the Jawahar Bank in Pathradi Village to take the rotating cash and then visiting Padas (Hamlets near Gram Panchayat Office) where she provides her banking services to the villagers. 

In the evening she provides various services like mobile recharges and bill payments. 

At the end of the day, she records all her transactions and the services she provided.

Anjali is grateful enough to see the world as a working woman in a village-like her. She never dreamt of working like this coming from a lower-middle-class background and with very basic education. 

She feels empowered with knowledge and skill due to the BISLD training. 

Read about Anjali’s full experience here

BISLD is an integrated program run by the Tata Motors NGO program which is part of the Integrated Village Development program. 

The program aims at building a model of Self Sustaining Gram Panchayat through training their managerial skills, bringing machinery into the governance of citizens and building competence to the corporate world.

Skillz4life appreciates the effort of the BISLD program to empower the ignored women of villages like Pathradi. BSILD did an excellent job in training the managerial skills of a woman with basic education.

This story of Anjali Vazare is a true example of a woman and her natural ability of resilience. 

In the circumstantial adversity, Anjali looked for opportunities to build a better life for herself. 

Her common story is filled with motivation to empower the natural skill of Resilience within us.

SKillz4Life have always believed in building skills and This Story of Anjali is what we aim for in India. You might be less educated or more, but the ability the skill provides is beyond your education. 

Skills empower you. Skillz4life has the vision to build skills that will empower you for life. 

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