Five Ways to tackle the Struggles In Online Training

Online Training has been boon to keep the education sector alive.

With its massive reach, there have also been barriers in Online Training which we all face.

Let’s look at the Six major barriers to Online Training:

  1. Connection or Network issues: This is a major problem when the live sessions take place. The network issues at the student or trainer level do cause loss of information. This creates a dull moment in the mind of the trainer and student.
  2. Adaptability: The students and trainers are so used to in-person learning that at both ends there is dissatisfaction. As many keep their cameras off the trainer is in constant need of approval of understanding the subject matter through verbal signs in the chatbox. The constant seeking of approval also creates a loss of time and connectivity. Many of the time students do multitask during the training or learning session thinking that they will watch the recording later.
  3. Time Management: Most online courses or training come in different time zone due to global connectivity. The trainer usually sets a session according to their time zone and comfort. This becomes a task for many to manage time to attend sessions of training. Sometimes the long boot camps or long hours of training are usually attended while working or doing their regular task with less concentration. This makes training less effective and poor outcomes.
  4. Challenges with Device: Many blue-collar workers are not adequately tech-savvy. Attending a live training session with the mic on or background noise creates trouble for the trainer to communicate. Some of them never try to log in or they find a lost web page to log in. Even well-established trainers found it difficult to screen sharing and engagement during live sessions.
  5. Conducting Assessment: Assessment is the sign that information is perceived in the right manner.  But the today conducting assessment is just a protocol in many institutions. There is no control over cheating and the risk and doubt always stay. Assessment results cannot guarantee knowledge. 
  6. Self-motivation: The mode of online learning demands a lot of self-motivation and discipline. Because recording of the training session will be available the concentration and discipline to view and complete the training is many times postponed. The success rate of online training is lower compared to offline training as action is not taken at the user level and the trainer remains unaware of the student’s reality.

How to tackle this barrier in Online Training?

As Martin Luther King her Jr. Says, “Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.” 

We have to survive every obstacle for our very survival. 

As humans, we’ve to overcome these barriers with more efficiency and effectiveness.

Thus being in pandemic for more than 2 years now, many have started trying new methods to personalise the online training session for more effectiveness and value.

If you are someone facing barriers in your online training sessions then try these methods to overcome your struggle:

  • Technical Difficulties: Technical difficulties can be overcome by written instruction sent before the session. This makes it easier to understand for those with less tech-savvy people. Some of the trainers send the instructions immediately after the registration. Teachers or professors send it before the session for the smooth operation of their program.
  • Passiveness Of the participants: The major drawback trainers face constant engagement and it drains much of their energy. So to remove the passive-ness of the students and to stop the ghost culture, the trainer must use specific names to make them feel alive and engaged. When you call your name in between the sessions others also get alert to hear thinking that the trainer is saying something important.
  • Indulging Motivation: If the trainer and student have a longer course duration then the trainer must involve the student to complete tasks on time. The trainer must give deadlines and specific tasks to ensure that the students do it with interest and motivation.
  • Personalised Assessments: Assessments gives a sense of achievement for the trainer as they feel accomplished with providing knowledge to students. This taking one to one personalised assessment will make the trainer proud of the student’s performance. In the case of a lack of students’ understanding, the trainer can push students towards more learning and practice.
  • Avoiding Distraction:  Avoiding distraction is the biggest part of online. The phone notifications must be shut. The trainer must be in a room of isolation with no distractions at all. Probably plain background or blurry ground is the best method. The students must also do the same for achieving good knowledge and understanding from the program. The trainer must emphasize turning notifications off and the importance of the subject matter taught. 

As  Widely known that; “Worry never accomplishes anything. When you have a problem, it is best to concentrate on the solution to that problem, not the problem itself.” – Thomas D. Willhite

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