Critical Thinking and Its Significance

Critical Thinking is described as how each analyses the available facts, situations, arguments, proposals and evidence and builds the final judgments and decisions.

We all think before we cross the street or handle a hot cup of coffee, these are natural thinking capabilities that evolve as we grow. 

These were our smaller decision-making habits which were taken with our developing thinking capability.

As we come to adult life each of our roles and responsibilities is varied thus making decisions are important turning points of our life, like below.

Should I accept this job offer?

Is the salary sufficient?

Should I try for another job?

Which school should I enroll my child in?

What should I do to be financially independent?

Should I start a side hustle?

Which company stocks should I invest in?

Should I start a Startup?

These many questions are the thoughts we think about every day. These decisions are not easy to make. 

Getting that right decision requires high thinking abilities to get the desired success.

The least known fact about critical thinking is that only a few people have naturally developed critical thinking.

It all depends on which environment the person has grown into. The environment also helps in developing critical thinking as a skill. 

The most important point is that everyone must learn critical thinking as it can be mastered with proper course and training.

The ability to reason your solution with others accepting it without any contradictions is known as critical thinking skills.

How does Critical Thinking Helps a person to grow in their career?

These are the five major areas where critical thinking helps each person to project their intellectual abilities. 

  1. Reasoning: Reasoning is an important factor where critical thinking abilities play a major role. When you can effectively reason your solutions, it helps build an idea with confidence and enthusiasm. Reasons help in the continuation of any journey. The reason people quit is that they don’t find sufficient reason to continue.
  2. Evaluate: The crisis comes without any intimidation but how to handle it depends on the person. So how does anyone handle a crisis depends on the person‘s critical thinking abilities. So would you panic or would you evaluate are two ways to handle a situation. Those who choose to evaluate are the ones who have developed critical thinking skills. This means they are sure of finding the solutions.
  3. Analyzing: The gathering of data according to the need of the problem, narrowing the problems to the micro-level, interpreting the data appropriately to build the solution. These analysing techniques are only displayed through critical thinkers. Critical thinkers display quality results in every area of their work.
  4. Problem-Solving: Can you solve a problem? The solutions available on the internet are many but how to use the data or solution practically is a skill. Human response varies from person to person so how would you solve a problem which includes handling people or managing people or getting things done from people. Thus problem-solving compels expert methods to handle people. One must have the bird’s eye view to look according to each person’s point of view. 
  5. Decision making: The most difficult part is decision making in everyone’s life. The critical helps you narrow down what others have missed and effectively reason your decisions.  With an open mind and the best analytical skills, decision making becomes a less burdened and daunting task.

How Important is it to Learn Critical Thinking Skills?

If you see critical thinking is applicable in every aspect of a career or more specifically it is a necessity in all careers. 

Its form or name might change to anthropological thinking, psychological thinking, Strategical thinking, sociological thinking, political thinking, biological thinking, philosophical thinking, mathematical thinking, chemical thinking, ecological thinking, legal thinking, historical thinking, ethical thinking, musical thinking, thinking like a business person, painter, sculptor, engineer, etc

In this way, Critical Thinking is a universal need in all careers if you aim to achieve higher growth in your career path.

Here are the 5 significance of Critical Thinking:

  • Critical Thinking helps in the acquisition and interpretation of the information and derives appropriate conclusions.
  • Critical Thinking enables an individual to restructure his thinking forms. This helps to create different possible perspectives of the same problem or solution.
  • Critical Thinking helps in minimizing prejudice, bias, self-deception, propaganda, misinformation as it ensures the act of thinking without false belief.
  • Critical Thinking helps in building independent judgement and ethical reasoning with better decision-making capabilities.
  • Critical Thinking focuses on reflective conceptualization which helps perform empathetic analysing of the circumstances. 

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