Checklist to get Hired!

Tired of Being Rejected! Follow the Checklist to get Hired Now!

Job-hunting is hard, especially now, when most people are struggling to find opportunities.

How many resumes have you sent? How many have you received reply to?

As per Glassdoor, on average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job.

Did you know that recruiters take only 6 seconds to select a candidate for the interview?

Did you also know that approximately 75% of resumes are rejected by an ATS and many times it’s because the resume isn’t formatted correctly?

And even if you get the call for the interview, the chances of you getting the final call is then based on how you perform the interview.

So how do you manage to get noticed by a Hiring Manager and get your dream job.

Here is a Checklist for you to tick get you HIRED!

Are you Specific about your search?

While looking for a job, it is imperative that you search for a position where your job experience, education and soft skills are required and will be utilised. Just because a company has vacancy does not mean you need to apply.

Make sure you look out for the position, salary, qualifications, and other requirements carefully before applying.

Are you looking only on Job sites & portals?

One of the best ways is through the network of your friends and family. Just relying on job sites and portals is not enough. What was researched in 1970s by Mark Granovetter, as was written in ‘The Strength of Weak Ties’ is still applicable today.

He found that most jobs (and especially good ones) were attained not through direct application or other formal means — that is submitting a resume in response to a listing (which then might have been a print ad but is now online) — but through “personal contacts,” who told the applicant about the position or recommended him or her to someone inside the organization.

So ask your friends, family & your not so close acquaintance, if they are aware of any openings in their or any organisation which they might be aware about.

Is your LinkdIn profile updated?

In today’s world, just having a Resume update is not enough. Recruiters are constantly on the look out through LinkdIn profiles as well. Many even approach on your LinkdIn profile directly.

It is highly recommended that you update your LinkdIn regularly. Also be careful on what you are posting online, especially on LinkdIn. Avoid controversial subjects and personal opinions as much as possible.

Is your Resume personalised?

Now that you have found an opening, let us first ensure that your Resume is sharing your story to the Recruiter. It is your true strengths and experiences, and not someone else’s. This is especially true for new graduates.

Just out of college, many believe they have to lie and copy someone else’s accomplishments. But unfortunately, recruiters immediately can detect if a person is lying on their Resume.

As per Glassdoor, 54% resumes are rejected because they are not personalised.

Have you read the job posting carefully?

Read the job listing carefully, word for word and identify the keywords in the resume. You will understand not just the technical skills required, but soft skills like problem solving, multi-tasking, and leadership skills required as well.

Even the job posting might match your technical skills but not offer you the career growth you are looking for.

Have you read about the organisation?

Many make the mistake of just applying for the job just because the organisation is well known and big. Do your own research. Do their work culture, vision, goals match your career objectives? Maybe you will get hired, but in few months you will be unsatisfied with your career prospect in the organisation and then start researching all over again.

Are your Cover Letter & Resume tailored to the job ?

One of the biggest mistakes candidates make is not tailoring the Resume and Cover Letter to the job posting applied for. There might be a chance that there are multiple roles in different projects in the same organisation. But REMEMBER…. You are applying for the role. If the experience for the role is not visible in the resume… you are not getting the call.

In the subject matter of the Cover Letter mention the job posting very clearly.

Are you feeling positive about the Interview?

Don’t be nervous. Remove all the negativity from your mind. This will help you practice for your interview. Do not let your past rejections get in the way of future prospect.

Are you practicing your interview?

Practice the questions about yourself, your job experience, your life journey- your successes and failures. Do not fake your skills or experience, especially in the interview. You will be caught red-handed.

Have you observed your body language?

Practice your body language. Watch how are your facial expressions, body gestures, hands, eye contact, how you sit, how do you talk. You need to appear confident.. not arrogant or nervous.

Are you dressed appropriately for the Interview?

“Dress For The Job You Want, Not The Job You Have.” Even though many interviews are online, but how you dress shows how much you value the organisation and work and shows that despite any circumstance you are willing to be professional.

First impressions matter. Depending on the position you are applying for, dress appropriately. No loud or vibrant colours, too much body spray or cologne. Even avoid showing tattoos during your interview.

Are you following up with the Hiring Manager?

After the interview is over, thank the interviewer and say that you really appreciate the opportunity you were given. Reiterate why you are the best fit for the position, and be sure to confirm your contact information and invite them to ask any further questions to aid their decision.

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