An Incredible Story of Endurance prevails in Harpreet Chandi

Many of you might like the idea of trekking. Some of you might lose hope by seeing the size of the mountain.

Harpreet Chandi is none of the above. She has trained to build herself tough and enduring.

What she has achieved is gonna stay long in the history of this world.

Harpreet Chandi is an Indian Origin British Sikh Army officer who has completed the solo unsupported trek to the South Pole.

If you love trekking and you are reading this, you might be already feeling chills in your spine thinking about the temperature and snow at the south pole.

The south pole which is near Antarctica isalso  known as the end of the world and has a temperature of minus 50-degree celsius. 

It doesn’t sound fun or pleasing. The weather and environment were not suitable options for trekking but Harpreet Chandi opted to go for it.

This made Harpreet Chandi to be admired by everyone. Giving the world of trekkers a different challenge to explore.

Harpreet Chandi travelled around 1,127 kilometres while pulling a sledge with all her kit in the winds of 60kmph.

Harpreet Chandi completed her trekking in 40day which she published via her blog. 

How did Harpreet have the courage to go unsupported solo trekking to the south pole?

  • Harpreet is a trained British army officer.
  • She is also a Physiotherapist.
  • As a part of a medical regiment in the army, she organised and validated training for medics in the Army as a Clinical Training officer.
  • She believed her extreme army training condition helped her build free spirit for this solo unsupported trek to the south pole.
  • Harpreet is pursuing her master’s degree in sports and Exercise at Queen Mary’s University London.
  • As a part of polar training for the final trek, she dragged two large tyres over the past few months as a substitute to the heavy sledge to be dragged around Antarctica.
  • She said at the beginning of the training she felt like giving up and out of reach goal. 
  • She continued her training despite her negative thoughts. She trained in Greenland and Norway, where the snow started early and helped her build resilience.
  • She is an endurance athlete. She runs marathons and ultra-marathons.
  • As an army officer, she has built resistance to many different conditions of weather due to deployments in Nepal, Kenya and most recently a six-month United Nations peacekeeping tour to South Sudan.
  • Harpreet Chandi always believed in exploring human body limitations. This was something that she wanted to achieve. She has always been keen to push her body beyond its limitations.

At the end of the expedition, Harpreet Chandi said,

This expedition was always about so much more than me. I want to encourage people to push their boundaries and to believe in themselves, and I want you to be able to do it without being labelled a rebel. I have been told no on many occasions and told to ‘just do the normal thing’, but we create our own normal,”

Harper Chandi has uploaded a live tracking map of her trek and also posted regular blogs of her journey to the snow-capped region. Do check her blogs for this astonishing accomplishment by her.


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