Akriti Gupta: Helping Breast Cancer Survivors Lead A Better Life

Akriti Gupta is a founder of an organization named Canfem, she has won various awards like the UN award, #1 global student entrepreneur award, India, WEF award and she is also a cancer care provider.

Akriti was 17 years old when her dad was diagnosed with cancer. He works from home and bears his medical expenses and provides for his treatment, but he realizes that many people are underprivileged.

He encouraged Akriti to explore how these people can be held and they came up with an app that provided information about useful training programs, conducted both by the government and corporate sectors.

Akriti joined an NGO named Win over Cancer where they conducted interactive sessions to educate people about cancer and its impact in a constructive and positive way.

Spending long days are the hospital to support her father’s treatment exposes both Akriti and her mother Kavita Gupta to experiences of breast cancer patients.

With support and guidance from her mother, Akriti made use of her research and academic experience to found Canfem.

Through her detailed research, Akriti understood that the removal of breasts in cancer patients creates body balance which harms their physical and mental health.

Canfem’s manufacturing facility, best out of rural India, also trains underprivileged women to manufacture the products, which ensure financial independence.

Therefore, the staff gets fair wages, during an unfortunate situation like domestic violence, they are also provided with support through a team of advisers who helped them legally. The team also supports and encourages them to give better education to the children.

At the age of 23, Akriti Gupta is impacting change in a large way and is an inspiration to all. She has received recognition from organizations like the Singapore International Foundation, The Women’s Economic Forum, and earned awards like a Global Student on the Governor and Young Entrepreneur Award.

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