Accelerated Leadership Programme

Identify your true potential to be the best at your Work or Enterprise or even at home.

Understand and apply 3 essential human skills for communication, collaboration and optimising your time.


Learn techniques through various exercises, videos, quizzes and case studies on how to hone your skills which you possess but are not aware how to use.


21st February 2022 - Duration 8 weeks


Vijyalaxmi Subramani

With 25+ years as an entrepreneur in varied fields of HR, the Facility Services Industry, e-Commerce, and Digital Marketing & Branding in India & abroad, she is now the original Founder & Trainer of Skillz4life for developing soft skills training in young professionals

Anuradha Raman

A double Post Graduate in Finance, she has more than 10 years experience in Research, Training and Projects on Human Development & Capacity Building. She has worked alongside UNDP, Government of India, & ULBs, & now joined as a Co-founder for Skillz4life

Who will benefit?

Young Professionals

New Leaders

Aspiring Entrepreneurs



Process of  Communication
Understand how the Process of Communication works. Learn what are Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication in workplace and understand the importance of positive body language.


Barriers to Communication & Active Listening
Active listening is one of the key skills to be an Influential Leader.
Learn the 3 main barriers to combat to effectively send and receive messages and how to actively listen with open mind and not just ears.


Giving and Receiving Instructions & Feedback
In a workplace we are either giving or receiving instructions and feedback. Understand powerful ways to create an open two-way dialogue during instructions and feedback, even with the most challenging employees.


Planning Communication
Every person is unique in their personality and in the way they communicate. Develop a Communication Plan based on the organisational strategies and communication groups you interact with.
Learn how verbal communication strategies and techniques for personalised communication.


Planning Meeting and Writing Professional Reports
Learn how to conduct effective and productive meeting which promote collaboration, sharing of ideas and address important issues relating to the goals of the organisation. Learn persuasive way to write professional report in your own style and words

Every week you will be asked to complete Activities, Exercise and Quizzes.