A Girl who gave 50 interviews to get into Google

Sampriti Yadav, who graduated from Delhi Technological University in May 2021, received an offer of an annual package of 1.10 crore from Google London.

In a pandemic where Gen Z was flooding Social Media to become content creator, Sampriti Yadav took a bigger leap of faith.

Sampriti Yadav during campus placement got an offer from Microsoft yet she applied for Google, which is her dream organization to work in.

There must be millions waiting to get an offer from Google or get a job in London, however, Sampriti had a unique determination to reach her goals. 

As she applied to Google, she had to give various assessments and interviews. During the final days of selection, she has given nine rounds of interviews.

Sampriti has a unique background for hailing such determination and resilience. 

She gives all the credit to her parents who were an inspiration to her to get what she aimed for. 

Sampriti’s mother is an Assistant Director in the Planning and Development Department Bihar. Her father works with the State Bank Of India.

Let’s crackdown a few takeaways from her Interview to Offer letter in Hand Journey:

  1. Social Media: It is impossible to avoid social media for Gen-Z. Sampriti also enjoys scrolling through social media media . She suggests using it in moderation and using it for your benefit. It is important to know that you are not getting consumed by the various social media platforms. Sampriti prefers LinkedIn for professional interests and networking. What a great choice Sampriti made as being on LinkedIn she would get all the required information she would need for her interviews and professional growth.
  2. Preparation: Preparation for your goals or interviews is important and Sampriti practised a lot to transform her nervousness into confidence. This was not easy for Sampriti as her ambition was London and she had to appear for an interview at various locations. Each location has a different vibe which might make a person nervous and anxious. Her parents were her guide and they mentored her to believe in herself. Having a mentor or support system helps in this kind of situation.
  3. Focus: Sampriti had her doubts, peer pressure, fears about whether all this would be of any gain. However she had the focus on her goal, the passion to get into Google made her research more compelling to keep learning on how to better at the next interview.
  4. Resilience: Any person would get tired after five interviews. Sampriti had nine rounds of interviews before getting the offer Letter. What if she had given up after three or four rounds. She would have never tasted this accomplishment. To end what you have begun is not everyone’s cup of tea, Right! She had the resilience to continue till the last interview. She has the patience to wait for more opportunities. She has the determination to complete the task she has come for.
  5. Knowledge: It was not a fluke that Sampriti applied for Google. She was studying about international organisations to work for. How to apply to these organisations. She was doing her preparation way before she applied. She built her profile and resume according to the needs of the organisation. When students of her age spend hours scrolling in front of social media, she was researching how to get into the giant organisations of the world.

Can you do that?

Many of us just swipe the information left and right without even imprinting the value.

The fact that with limited time in hand few are achieving their goals and many aren’t.

Focus, Determination, Clarity and Resilience are the key ingredients of success. 

With any of the above ingredients missing, the journey becomes longer. 

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