6 types of Professional Non-Verbal Communication You Must Know

We use so many forms of non-verbal communication. Many of us use it ignorantly. Sometimes we misunderstand the hidden meaning behind it.

It can be complicated to understand when the opposite person doesn’t utter a word and you have to guess from their non-verbal expression.

This could have a lot of impact on building teams for achieving the desired goals.

Types of Non-verbal communication:

  1. Proper Eye contact: Eye contact speaks millions of emotions. How much did you understand the ongoing presentation? How much do empathize with the team goals? This all could be understood with mere eye contact. Eye contact is often considered a form of acceptance and assurance.
  2. The tone of your Voice: The tone of your voice often plays an impactful response on the receiver’s mind. Imagine diligently saying no. How to tune your voice to get the work done from your teammates or colleagues. The tone of your voice plays a huge role in productivity and cooperation between the employer and employee relationship.
  3. Mindful Personal Appearance: A Tatoo could be misinterpreted in million ways. Your clothing style or haircut can lead to different kinds of prejudices. It is important to maintain a neutral personal appearance according to the work culture. It would be better to be mindful of maintaining your appearance to avoid being judged on your personal choices.
  4. Hand Gestures: Using proper hand gestures to accept or receive conservation could be assuring and confident. It could help to avoid disturbing others and directly communicate with one person through hand gestures.
  5. Expressing through Touch: Touch is a form of empathetic emotion that could be used according to situational needs. Like a pat on the back when the work is done or holding the back in case of expressing grief or sadness. A strong handshake is a kind of assurance and confidence. All these forms of gentle touch are a type of non-verbal communication to build strong relationships in the workplace.
  6. BodyLanguage: When you are sitting in a meeting, your body language shows the exact inclusiveness of your attention in the meeting. Your body language could be manipulated in many ways by the employer which could display varied notions. Like playing with your pen when the presentation is not considered a good form of body language. Yawns should be avoided. You must maintain timely eye contact with the presenter. These little actions communicate a lot about your efficiency in your work. That’s how impactful non-verbal communication could be.

Non-Verbal communication can help you to build meaningful, empathetic, and impactful relationships which could help form better professional growth.

On the other hand, improper non-verbal communication could lead to prejudices, stereotyping, or discrimination.

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