5 Real Hacks to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

Resolutions are not easy to keep. To stick to your resolutions you must rise above the little things.

These little things are the factors that delay your start or obstruct your progress.

It is only the second day of New Year and many of us have already started feeling overwhelmed by all the resolutions we have made.

Many of you might still not have started the routine to start the tasks you decided on 2 days back.

The people who have already pushed your goals to next week will keep pushing it to next month.

With each passing month, the level of motivation will keep dropping.

We all love to create goals for next year but always fail to accomplish them.

By the second week of January, we are all back to the same old routines or worse than that.

So how to stick to your new year resolutions.

If you have already started feeling impossible about your resolutions then have a look at the following tips.

  1. Make smaller goals: It is important to have smaller goals for more clarity and consistency. Now assuming that your goal is to reduce your body weight by 20 kgs. Then you must write down how much time you will exercise every day. Break this goal of exercising even smaller, like start with 15 mins exercising every day. Then the smaller goal could include adding the minimum number of glasses of water to drink. When you have clear smaller actions of what to do every day then accomplishing bigger goals becomes easier. Smaller goals gives the consistency to stick to the bigger goals.
  2. Connect with trainers or institutes to learn as they make you finish your course or skill: Why do you think someone who joins the best coaching class is better at managing their time and studies. It is because of accountability. When you join an institute or connect with a coach for a specific period, you consider yourself accountable to them and vice versa. If you are serious about achieving your goals in a limited period then you should choose an institute or coach according to your specific need.
  3. Tag a friend who could watch you on your least motivated days: If resorting to a coach/institute is not an option, then a friend is the best option to be accountable to your goals and daily plans. To be consistent with your daily action plan, you must tag a friend along to achieve the results faster. 
  4. Don’t skip your resolution 3 days in a streak: Any routine or habit you set, missing your habits to achieve your goals consistently for 3 days will make you feel like years. Fix your mind to not skip the habits for 3 days in a row.
  5. It is okay to bounce back to your resolutions after bad days: Life doesn’t always go according to our plans. Thus, there might be circumstances that might hold your plans for some days or months. Like being sick or losing someone close. But once you recover from whatever circumstantial barriers you are facing, you must remember to bounce. Don’t call quits over your goals and dreams. 

Each day’s effort is like a drop in the ocean. If you keep consistently doing the actions then however big your goal is, you will always be closer to it.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

You must prepare and work each day for a limited period so that when the opportunity comes you will not feel intimidated whether you should do it or not.

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