5 Hacks for Never Being Limited On Time At Work.

It is real. isn’t it? We wait and assume to be wearing a thinking hat until the submission is very near. 

Our brain tends to work extra quickly when the deadlines are near and we have a creative solution in hand for the project or the context we are working on. 

However, have you ever realised what did you loose in that period when you assumed that you are thinking about a project?

You lost time. You lost an opportunity to think about other less important things. You lost an opportunity to work on your dreams. You lost an opportunity to learn something new.

When you don’t plan, you have no definite actions to do. 

If you are a person with dreams and goals bigger than your current circumstances then you must effectively manage time to save your precious time.

If you are a person who wants to achieve bigger milestones in your career then you must have effective time management skills to learn and grow your current skill set.

We hope you understood the value of why one must have time management skills. 

Now let’s give you real and simple hacks to attain successful management of time.

  1. Calendars: Specifically if you are from a millennial generation then we all know nothing beats the satisfaction of planning with a calendar diary. This is the real and most effective planning tool anyone can have. Some millennials even have those real feasible desk calendars on their office desk. They know that scheduling and circling those dates with markers and pens marks an important event to consider and plan accordingly. The most efficient managers even follow this today. However, today with technology the calendars are just click away on everyone’s phone. You can even plan to collaborate with others through their emails. In this way, a common schedule goes through each one of the team members calendars which keeps notifying them of important schedules to work on. This gives you a bird’s eye view of everything you have to do with the period.

Recommended apps here: Calendly, Sprintful, Google Calendars.

  1. Project Management: When you are working on a project, the above feels real. Specifically, if you are new and you are told to update apps it feels like a daunting task. The project management apps are many but some have shown an improved rate of effectiveness. The larger groups could stay relevant on specific project information. If you are on a team working on multiple projects then it also helps track the relevant information in one place. As we all work on limited time at work, these apps do help in the track of relevant information and track periods for improvement. Many of them also have features like idea generation, a collaboration that divides the different tasks into smaller tasks.

Recommended Apps: Trello, Proofhub,Monday, Scoro, BaseCamp

  1. Delegation: Delegating tasks will make more things done in the same amount of time. You don’t have to do everything yourself. You must divide the tasks in such a way that collaborative work could be done. This way you can most effectively use the time you have in hand.  Write down the to-do list then divide the work into four parts. 1. Important and Urgent( this is where your attention is needed) 2. Urgent and not important( this could be delegated to an associate or the team) 3. Not Urgent but Important( schedule it in your calendar for a specific time) 4. Not Important and not urgent ( avoid). This way you can focus on the important task and delegate the urgent task through collaborative work. 

Recommended apps:Wunderlist, Todolist, Any. do, ActiveCollab,Clarizen

  1. Time Trackers: The most common problem that occurs is loosing track of time. We all usually assume that we would sneak into social media for 5 mins but the scrolling might go up to 15 mins or more. It is important to have time tracked for unproductive tasks. A good time tracker will push you to be more productive. It will make you use your more intellectual power to solve the problem or complete the task with effective solutions. Having a time tracker could be the best investment in attaining productivity and growth. 

Recommended apps: Replicon, Toggl, Scoro, Harvest, Timely, and Tick

  1. Preventing Distractions: Distractions are everywhere. It could be a fellow employee or a certain habit of scrolling through social media. It is hard to get past through distraction. However, it is a crucial element in getting things done on time. There are many time management tools but each tool could be a distraction too. We might just keep scrolling what other people are doing in those apps or get lost in the latest gossip article of your favourite film star. As wide as we can see, distractions are real. Certain apps block these certain habits. In some of the offices, it is inbuilt software that they cannot log in to their Instagram or facebook through their office laptop or browser. So this kind of habit blocking and distraction preventing apps can be a fruitful investment in managing time at the workplace. 

Recommended apps: Stickk, Momentum, Forest and Freedom, Pomodoro timer, Zapier.

As many apps are developed and made these apps are only tools to be used by humans. These apps won’t work effectively until we humans have the basic human attributes such as discipline and integrity.

If you want to change your current unhappy situations in your work life then you must build habits with discipline and integrity

One must understand that time is changing and the opportunities to prove your capabilities might not be present tomorrow but you can be better prepared to grab those opportunities with effective time management skills. 

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