5 Best Online Learning Platform for Upskilling.

The   best part about pandemic is global learning. The exposure to trainers and learners has seemed to break boundaries. Thus making learning with limitless resources.

What is upskilling?

Upskilling is an upgrade or repolishing your forgotten skills. The facts you might know about some concept and you want to learn more about that is also upskilling.

For example, you like writing, but all your life you worked as an accountant in a firm. Then you can upgrade your skill and interest in writing through many programs available online or offline.

As we have seen a massive growth in influencers and self employed people, these people have polished and refined their skills with upskilling.

In simple terms, upskilling is improving and refining the skills to current need and demand.

Upskilling is the stepping stone of self-employment

Understanding Online learning

Online learning was not an out of the box thing in a pandemic. Before online learning became a trend only in pandemics. There was and for that matter is a thing called Distance Learning.

Distance education was undervalued before the pandemic, it was considered inefficient and many thought that it makes a bad impression if someone has a degree from distance learning.

We can now say, Pandemic is a saviour of distance learning. Pandemic gave a makeover to distance learning as online learning is now a norm.

The many online learning platforms which were struggling as a startup became giant unicorns with more funding and expansion.

Thus from school, college and skills can be learnt from online learning platforms.

Now let’s see the 5 best online platforms to upskill 

These platforms provide quality upgrades and content.

  • Udemy: Udemy is everyone’s favourite. They provide quality and affordable courses. Udemy is a diversified platform as they have educators from teaching to life to science to art.  It is a unified platform with diverse options like learning to speed read and digital marketing at one place. The same course varies in different prices which allows students with less budget to have a grip on learning the basic concept. You can check their page here https://www.udemy.com
  • Skillshare: This platform is for all those unrefined creativity hidden within us. Skilllshare helps you get certified in all the skills like photography, writing, visual arts, animation, interior design, graphic, animation and many more. They have experts in specific fields teaching you. It is a platform that portrays Art taught by the artist themselves.The best part about Skillshare is that they have a subscription based model and you can learn as many courses you want. They also have free programs to upskill your knowledge or to understand the topic so you can check out if you are looking for a creative skill to learn here https://www.skillshare.com
  • Masterclass: How would you feel if you could learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay. MasterClass is one such platform with the dream A List stars teaching their skills and techniques. The platform has compiled all the Top grade actors, writers, musicians and entrepreneurs teaching their skills and experience. MASTERCLASS is not just a one off video lecture, it is a video based course of more than 20 classes. They teach real and deep theories in every subject. Masterclass also offers subscription based models. They are a bit on the expensive side but they are worth it. If you are someone looking for that final pitch of your adore celebrity in specific field do check their page https://www.masterclass.com
  • Coursera: How would you feel if you could a degree or certificate from Yale University or Standford University. Even to imagine that feels greatly superior. Yes, Coursera is one such platform providing formal education online from the most renowned universities around the world. The professional degrees from the best renowned universities professors. The platform is famous for their real way of conducting assignments. Their courses are constructed in such a way that they promise to get you that raise or upgrade in your professional life. Their courses are a little expensive but they are worth it as they offer almost an international college experience in online mode. If you are looking for an upgrade in degree then you must check coursera https://www.coursera.org
  • Udacity: We all know technical skills are paid more specifically if you are coder. The pandemic and advanced use of technology has made the demand for an advanced level of coder mode. The coding language is the same but how you learn and how you use them plays a vital role in career growth. Thus, Udacity provides that. Udacity is a place for coding boot camp. Their programs are specifically for techies like web design, programming and coding. They provide study lessons, projects and technical mentoring at personal level. The programs are structured long term so they are effective and result oriented. If you are a techie than you must head to their page for the best coding education https://www.udacity.com

We know there are multiple platforms but the above are the five best.

Online learning has evolved drastically and today you can find many learning platforms at varied prices depending on your affordability.

The skills are to be learnt and not read, as famously quoted,” Recipes tell you nothing. Learning techniques is the key.”

— Tom Colicchio

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